Invitation-Only National Quarterback Competition

July 3rd – 4th in Nashville, TN

QB Collective Academy ‘The Duel’ is the premier Quarterback Competition for rising star QBs. Youth, Junior High and High School Quarterbacks come from all over the US to showcase their skills while competing against other elite athletes. The Duel is a 2 Day event that features both an intense development phase and an invite-only QB skills competition for rising 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th graders (QBs below the 5th grade may compete and will be grouped in the 5th grade group).

Already earned your Duel Invitation?


The Duel scoring is a cumulative total achieved through a comprehensive battery of objective assessments that measures all aspects of a Quarterback’s ability. It includes tests in decision making, speed, strength, stamina, and position specific skills. Scoring is done by age group and each player will be tested throughout the entire two day competition. Recognition will be awarded to the top 5 finishers in each grade level including the top prize of The Duel National Champion.

How and Where to Qualify

The Duel is open to any Quarterbacks eager to compete and display their skills against some of the best talent at their grade level in the nation. To qualify a Quarterback can seize there to chance to receive incredible instruction and earn their invitation at a QB Collective Academy National 3 Day or 2 Day Immersion event. See our upcoming Spring and Summer Events below.

2020 Spring Immersion

The 3 Day Immersion Events accelerate understanding and execution of each player’s primary movements while helping them develop the ability to self-correct, not self-destruct under pressure.

Registration is Open for All 3 Day Immersion Events:

Atlanta, GA • Orlando, FL • Whittier, CA • San Antonio, TX • Phoenix, AZ • Fort Smith, AR • Dallas, TX • Denver, CO • Charlotte, NC • Nashville, TN • Orlando, FL •  Chicago, IL • Indianapolis, IN • Seattle, WA • Pleasanton, CA • Baltimore, MD • Minneapolis, MN

2020 Summer Immersion

The 2-Day Immersion Events are a primer to help an athlete make final mental and mechanical adjustments for the upcoming season.

Registration is Open for Summer 2020 2 Day Immersion events

Orlando, FL • Phoenix, AZ • Philadelphia, PA • Buffalo, NY • Tulsa, OK • San Antonio, TX • Nashville, TN • Denver, CO • Atlanta, GA • Dallas, TX • Baltimore, MD • Southern California • Indianapolis, IN • Sacramento, CA • Boston, MA • Charlotte, NC • Seattle, WA • Pittsburgh, PA • Birmingham, AL •  Kansas City, MO • Nashville, TN •