Most seventh grade football players are finished with the season in October, maybe early November.
Zach Lawrence isn’t most seventh grade football players.

In addition to playing quarterback for his school, the Mint Hill Miners, Lawrence was also the QB for the University City Golden Norsemen AAU team that made it to the North Carolina State Championship and the December nationals in Florida.

It was a long, productive season for the rising young quarterback. “My goal heading into the season was to take my teams as far as we could go and to make sure that I did my job to the best of my ability so that my teammates could do theirs,” Lawrence said.

Mission accomplished. The Miners and Golden Norsemen combined to go 11-7 as Lawrence passed for a whopping 2,064 yards and 27 touchdowns while converting 15 2-point conversions. He was selected North Carolina’s AAU Southeastern Conference Player of the Year.

“Individually, I am happy that I started as a seventh grader for my middle school team,” he said. “I’m also really happy I was able to beat out five other quarterbacks for the starting job on the Norseman AAU team. I am proud of my AAU team and I’m also proud of the great season we had for the Miners.”

Lawrence has already built up five years experience playing QB. “Playing the position, I like that the quarterback is in control of the offense and that it is up to them to help lead the team,” he said. “This season, I was really happy with my throwing accuracy, reading coverages and finding the holes in the defense. I’m working to improve my throwing distance with the high school football.”

Before his banner season, Lawrence gave a preview of what was to come with a third-place finish at the Duel among incoming seventh graders. He qualifed for the QB competition at an NFA camp in Charlotte.

“I am proud of myself for what I accomplished at the Duel, but I can definitely do better,” said Lawrence, who won the event before his sixth grade season. “But it did boost my confidence for the season and made me feel like I was ready for anything that the defense could throw at me.”

Training with NFA for five years has also helped Lawrence to flourish against opposing defenses. “NFA has helped me develop my footwork,” he said. “They’ve helped me with my throwing motion, my accuracy, reading the defense and pretty much everything else.”

A prolific student as well as QB, Lawrence has a 4.0 GPA at Mint Hill Middle School. “School helps me on the football field by allowing me to see the game through a logical perspective and to make good decisions,” he said.

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