Overcoming adversity is a critical part of playing football, and Wallace Gibson IV has been dealing with a heavy load.

In August of 2017, Wallace lost his father in a tragic boating accident. “Wallace and his dad were inseparable,” said his mother, Angie Gibson. “He was Wallace’s biggest fan. I think a lot of his drive and commitment are to honor his dad. His dad was always encouraging, never hostile towards him, even when he was not playing well. Wallace’s life has been severely impacted by his loss but he works hard to do the very best he can.”

An eighth grader at McCallie School in Chattanooga, Tenn., Wallace Gibson IV has shown incredible maturity since losing his father. “Wallace has reached out to coaches, mentors, he has consistently done whatever he could possibly do to be a better athlete, leader and to make his dad proud of him,” Angie said. “And he did this all on his own.”

Wallace’s father would be extremely proud of his football accomplishments this season. Playing quarterback for the McCallie Blue Tornado, he started four of five games and threw 7 touchdown passes, including 3 in one game against a challenging opponent.

A QB for eight years, Gibson has impressive throwing ability, leadership skills and the drive to be the most prepared he can for every game. “I like being able to lead the team and leading them to be the best they can be,” he said.

Before the season, Gibson received an invitation to the Duel at an NFA camp in Atlanta. He placed fifth among incoming eighth graders.

“Being in the Top 5 at the Duel was truly a dream come true,” Gibson said. “It pushed me to work even harder and gave me the confidence to know I could succeed if I was willing to put in the work.”

Gibson has been training with NFA for a year and it’s helped him improve in all phases. “NFA has taught me that many things come together to be a better quarterback – character, hard work and education,” he said.

Speaking of education, Gibson has a 3.4 GPA while taking rigorous courses at McCallie School. “Playing football is so much a part of who Wallace is,” Angie Gibson said. “The best way I know to explain it is if he couldn’t be on the field, it would effect how he performs in school and vice versa. School teaches Wallace to be disciplined and trains his brain to be the most effective quarterback he can be.”

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