A seventh grader at I.S. 201 Dyker Heights Intermediate School in New York City, Vincent Cajano III is on the Principal’s List, which is reserved for students with an average score of 95 and above.

He is a solid performer in the classroom, and Cajano is equally adept on the football field. “School helps me in many different aspects of football, and it helps me understand the game as a whole,” he said. “It helps me break down and decipher different defenses. I’m very focused in school and on the football field.”

The focus under center was evident this season. While quarterbacking the Seminoles to a 6-4 record in the competitive Staten Island Boys Football League, Cajano completed 52 of 95 passes (55 percent) for 1,292 yards. He had 23 touchdown passes and only 5 interceptions.

“I had a great season all around with my new teammates,” Cajano said. “As a new team, I am happy with how we had both a respectable running game and a very good passing game with great wide receivers, a great running back, fullback and offensive line.”

This is the second season Cajano has quarterbacked the Seminoles. “I’m happiest with how if I was pressured, I was able to get away and could hit my receivers anywhere they were on the football field,” he said. “My strength as a QB is in the pocket, slinging the football and escaping the pocket pressure. I like the intensity and the role that I have as a QB, and I love learning more and picking apart defenses. When I’m on the run, I feel I could do better. I’m going to work on my athleticism to be more of a dual threat.”

Cajano has been putting in the work with QBA for five years, and it’s paid off big time. “The Quarterback Academy has helped me in every aspect of being a QB, from passing mechanics to handing off the football to reading defenses,” he said.

After winning the Duel before his sixth grade season, Cajano received an invite to this year’s QBA showcase competition at a camp in Orlando. He finished third among incoming seventh graders.

“At this year’s Duel, I feel I could have done better on some passes but overall I did my best and had a fun time,” Cajano said. “The Duel definitely boosted my confidence for this football season because it showed I could hang with the best and throw the football to any window.”