Trey Brown builds off impressive Duel debut

Trey Brown has been playing football for eight years. He moved to quarterback at the age of 11, and now – in his fourth season at the key position – Brown has found a home behind the center.
“It’s an all-around fun position, and I really like playing quarterback,” he said. “I get to go out there and command the offense. Since I’ve been playing quarterback, I’ve really developed my leadership skills and I think that helps a lot. Plus, I like throwing the ball around.”
Playing the position is fun, but QBs must always deal with a tremendous amount of pressure to perform at a high level and win games. Brown is excelling in both areas.
Starting for Richlands Middle School in Virginia, the 5-foot-8, 145-pound eighth grader helped his team get off to a 4-0 start this season. Brown passed for 1,000 yards during the perfect start and threw for 12 touchdowns while rushing for a pair.
“We worked really hard to get ready for the season so it’s great to get off to a good start,” he said. “When I first started out as a quarterback, I was more run first and if I could get a pass off, that was great. I’ve really developed more into a pocket passer. But if a play breaks down, I can take off and run.”
Brown’s transition from a quarterback who is more dangerous throwing the football than running it has come with experience and hard work. He’s also gotten a boost from working with NFA over the past year.
“It’s been a great, great relationship,” said Glayde Brown, Trey’s father. “Living in a rural part of Virginia, there are not a whole lot of opportunities to get outside help. With the opportunities NFA has provided, he’s just flourished.”

In a good place

Brown attended his first Duel this summer and wasn’t quite sure what to expect after making the six-hour drive from Virginia to Massillon, Ohio.
“I wasn’t expecting to place,” he admitted. “I thought if I placed, that would be great. But I really just went in wanting to hone my skills and get better.”
Brown wound up finishing third among incoming eighth graders. “It boosted my confidence a tremendous amount,” he said. “And I’ve gotten more and more confident with each year I’ve played.”
With Brown putting up big numbers early, Richlands averaged 40 points game while racing out to a 4-0 start. “We should go undefeated, and that’s our goal,” he said.
His impressive showing at the Duel and early season stats aside, Brown is still working at improving his game. “I’m working a lot on my pocket presence,” he said. “It’s gotten better and I’m trying to keep getting better. My arm strength has also gotten better, but I keep working on it. I’ve been able to add about 10 yards on my passing distance.”
Looking ahead, Brown’s goal is to playing for the Richlands High School varsity as a freshman next season.
“It’s something I think I’ll be able to do, and there is a chance I can split time at quarterback,” he said. “It’s definitely a goal for me, and I’m going to keep working hard and trying to get better so I can reach that goal.”