Trenton Rohman: Left is right

Trenton Rohman started attending NFA camps when he was in eighth grade. Needless to say, he was hardly a finished product at quarterback.

“The first camp I went to with NFA, they gave us a test on coverages and I got a 13 out of 20,” Rohman said. “During the Duel last summer, I got a perfect score. I’ve really improved as a quarterback since going to NFA. Just knowing coverages has helped me a lot, and my mechanics are a lot better.”

Rohman, who will be a junior at Castle View High School in Castle Rock, Colorado next season, has improved to the point where he finished second in the Duel among incoming sophomores last summer. “I honestly didn’t think I’d be in the top at all,” Rohman said. “I just kind of went because it was a cool experience to have. When they called my name for the finals, I was pretty happy.”

Boosted by his success in one of NFA’s showcase events, Rohman played with the varsity and JV for Castle View this past season. He was the starting JV quarterback and threw 16 touchdowns while rushing for 4 more scores. “The JV season went really well,” Rohman said.

It didn’t end there. Rohman played special teams for the varsity and also got a look at quarterback in three games. “With the varsity, there was a senior and junior in front of me,” Rohman said. “They didn’t want to throw me in too early because they had guys that had been in the program longer, so they kind of eased me in. They just wanted to develop me, let me get used to the speed at the varsity level. This next season, I’m looking to play varsity full-time.”

Rohman is inching up to 6-foot-2 and he weighs 170 pounds. He is also a left-handed quarterback, which he uses to his advantage.

“It’s definitely a different look for the defense, but it’s also a little different for the receivers,” Rohman said. “It takes a little bit of time for them to get used to it. But I think being left-handed can make it tough on defenses because they’re used to playing against so many right-handed quarterbacks so they have to scheme a little differently against a left-hander. I’ll use anything I can to get that edge against a defense.”

Up for a challenge

Rohman is always looking for an edge to help his team win, and that will continue as he enters his junior season at Castle View. “I’m feeling pretty good,” he said. “Adversity’s been around my life since I was little, so I’m not scared of anything. I accept a challenge. If someone tells me I can’t do it, it just makes me work 10 ties harder to prove them wrong.”

When he does get regular snaps at the varsity level, Rohman is going to be difficult for opposing defenses to handle. Not only is he a skilled passer, he can also tuck the football away and run.

“I definitely like passing the ball,” said Rohman, who has been playing QB since he was 6 years old. “I’m more of a scramble and look down field kind of quarterback but I’m not afraid to run either because that’s something I’ve always had to do. My speed’s developing. It’s not great, but I know where to go and my vision’s pretty good.”

Between now and his junior season, Rohman is looking to take his game to an even higher level. “I just have to work on timing with the receivers, speed and recognition with defenses,” he said. “I know coverages pretty well, but it’s just a matter of putting the ball on the spot where I know it needs to go.”