Casselberry, Florida, June 21, 2019 – Teremarkets, a leading global digital marketing and communications technology solutions provider and the National Football Academy (NFA) today announced Teremarkets as the official sponsor and “marketing Technology Partner” for the 2019 NFA Duel National Quarterback Competition.

The partnership includes Teremarkets providing a range of digital and marketing services as well as extensive global exposer providing networking, marketing and infrastructure solutions to some of the largest sports and entertainment programs in the world.

Ethan Halevi, Teremarkets Co-Founder, said, “It is an honor to work with the amazing team of the NFA, one of the most prestigious football development programs in the US. We look forward to working with the NFA organization and leveraging our extensive marketing and digital solutions to create and provide fantastic training and competition experiences for NFA Quarterbacks all across the USA.”

About National Football Academies

NFA was founded by Darin Slack in 1988, NFA’s core principles flow from Coach Slack’s proven agenda to build better football players by building better men!

Recognizing the immense value of systematic, precision training, NFA has invested heavily in coach certification so coaches, players and parents can have confidence that every training event exceeds industry-leading standards. NFA supports students pursuing excellence by providing the highest level of skills training and development for all ages and talent levels.

About the Duel

The Duel has become the premier National Quarterback Competition for rising star QBs. Young QBs come from all over the US and now internationally to showcase their skills while competing against other elite athletes. The Duel is a 2 Day event that features both an intense development phase and an invite-only QB skills competition.