Dub Maddox remembers the first time he crossed paths with Seth Agwunobi.
“He was different than most of the young quarterbacks that we get at camps,” said Maddox, a Master Coach for NFA. “He paid attention to everything we were teaching. His eyes were always locked into the each coach that was teaching or running a drill. I was impressed at how quickly Seth would listen and then make that changes that were necessary to change his mechanics.”
Agwunobi was a fourth grader when he first started training with NFA. Now, he is one of the top Class of 2018 quarterbacks in the country.
“NFA has been tremendous for me,” Agwunobi said. “To this day, I work on the mechanics I learned from NFA. Their mechanics are the ones that helped develop my throw into what it is now. The gave me the mold. I’ve changed a little throughout the mold but the mechanics I learned are still helping me.”
Now a 6-foot-2, 186-pounder, Agwunobi is working to build off a wildly successful freshman season at Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia.
Maddox, for one, is not surprised that Agwunobi is doing so well at such a young age.

Performing under pressure

“He was a quiet kid but had a look in his eye that spoke loudly,” said Maddox, who also serves as offensive coordinator at national powerhouse Jenks High School in Oklahoma. “It was the look that I have seen in the best QB’s I have worked with. It was a look of focus and a look that displayed a confidence to perform under pressure. Anytime we would put Seth in an environment of pressure and competition with others, he always maintained his composure and excelled. Seth has been to a ton of NFA camps and another thing that stood out with me about Seth is that he never acted like he had arrived. At every camp he always continued to try to find something in his game to work on. He never went through the motions.”
Agwunobi’s strong work ethic and natural talent paid off last season when he stepped in as Episcopal’s varsity starter.
“I wasn’t so much surprised as I was reassured that my abilities were able to mesh with everyone else,” he said. “It was pretty nice.”
Agwunobi had a very nice freshman campaign with the varsity, leading the Maroon to a 7-2 record. Taking over as the starting quarterback in the third game, he passed for over 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns. Agwunobi also rushed for 410 yards and 5 more TDs.
“I was most happy with my ability to come in and lead the offense,” he said. “Coming in as a freshman, it was definitely a challenge. But I was able to work with the seniors and juniors and we accomplished a lot of great things.”
Agwunobi is not going to rest of his stunning success as a freshman.
“I need to work on my reads a little bit more,” he said. “Work on our offense, knowing the ins and outs of our offense, not just knowing how to do it but knowing why you do it.”
As his sophomore season at Episcopal draws closer, Agwunobi already has some goals in mind.
“We had two losses last year, and I want to cut it down to zero losses and have a great season,” he said. “I also want to bond with the new kids coming in and make sure the season is a lot of fun and we accomplish great things.”

College interest

While he is still a very young quarterback, the 15-year-old Agwunobi is already attracting interest from big-time college programs.
He’s already attended camps at Rutgers, Boston College, Northwestern, North Carolina and N.C. State this summer, with visits to Michigan State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest also on the schedule.
Boston College, Rutgers, Northwestern, Duke, Wake Forest, UNC, Wisconsin, Penn State, Miami, Vanderbilt, Pepperdine, UConn, Clemson, Michigan State, NC State, West Virginia and Old Dominion are among the schools recruiting Agwunobi.
“It’s definitely exciting,” he said. “It’s something new but I think I’m ready to handle it.”

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