The R4 Install Clinic is designed to bring the creators of R4 to your school to teach coaches how to install, apply and drill the techniques of the revolutionary R4 System through their existing offense.

This customized install clinic is designed to guide coaches on how to systemize their offense through a common language and turn-key process to maximize their personnel, offensive scheme, and player decision making through the non-negotiables of offense and defense.

The R4 Install Clinic will cover the following:

  • How to install the process of R4 into your program, Jan-July
  • How to game plan using R4 during game week, Sat-Friday Night
  • How to use the R4 Common Language to breakdown / game plan / and play call a defense
  • How to know what to call, when to call, and why to call a particular Concept
  • How to maximize the personnel you have and what concepts to run with different levels of ability
  • How to determine the minimum number of concepts and different schemes needed to increase offensive production
  • How to create versatility in your offense through a simple R4 process
  • How to teach and drill your QB to use the accelerators to always know if a route is open or covered
  • How to teach and drill your QB to read the full field under pressure
  • How to teach and drill your WR’s to get open by using the E4 system of Exit, Explode, Engage, Extend
  • How to Sync and drill proper route timing with your WR’s and QB’s
  • How to utilize and drill your pass protections to maximize the timeline and QB awareness of the defense

For more information please contact the R4 Clinic Director Dub Maddox at

*It is recommended that coaches preview the R4 3 DVD series and R4 Book From Headset to Helmet before attending this clinic.”