R4 QB-Expert System, 3-DVD Series


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In this brand-new R4 QB-Expert System video series, Coach Slack, Quarterback Academy founder, and Dub Maddox, QB Coach and Offensive Coordinator at Jenks High School (Tulsa, Oklahoma), teach a powerful system of QB reads, recognition and decision-management. A system that accelerates passing game progressions, defender keys, and disciplined footwork in any offensive scheme.

1) Installing the R4 – Introduction to R4 language, function and rules
2) Applying R4 – Developing a QB’s decision-making process
3) Executing R4 – R4 Game footage and play-design concepts


This series standardizes several diverse methods through the power of a process – the R4 QB-Expert System. With the aid of uniquely designed drills and demonstration, the QB, coach or parent will learn the invaluable techniques that will bring success through teaching the QB to Self-Correct, not self-destruct.

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