The Quarterback Self Correct System



The NEW Self-Correct System for Quarterback Mechanics


For years, the C4 Self-Correct System DVD series has set the industry standard for training and equipping quarterbacks to achieve their goals through self-correction. This brand new, completely updated 8-DVD edition includes the latest teaching models, best new drills, and an extra DVD that includes Coach Slack’s highly sought after motivational leadership talks!

In Vol. 1 – 43 min., NFA/QBA Founder, Darin Slack, along with Senior NFA Coach/former college QB, Michael Slack, explores the skill of throwing a football with pinpoint accuracy leveraging the science of ball flight, the 3 keys to arm mechanics, and the power of arm path.

In Vol. 2 – 46 min., Coach Slack teaches two powerful series of throwing drills, or protocols that generate “informed” feel, and correct the most common throwing errors.

In Vol. 3 – 70 min., Coach Slack teaches the 8 key positions of the throwing skill, actual video analysis of QBs, and 8 goalpost drills for power and trajectory

In Vol. 4 – 52 min., Coach Slack teaches stance/exchange, and the QB drop footwork “toolbox” (1, 2, 3, 5-step Under Center and Shotgun/Pistol drops)

In Vol. 5 – 71 min, Coach Slack teaches the quarterback to throw on the run and under pressure. He also covers screen pass skills, multiple pocket exit strategies, and pocket movement drills.

In Vol. 6 – 55 min, Coach Slack teaches the mechanics of Handoff, Play Action, Bootleg, Zone, Toss Sweep, Option under center and Zone Read in the shotgun

In Vol. 7 – 32 min, Coach Slack takes you inside the NFA camp coverage presentation to better understand defensive coverage identification and weakness.

In Vol. 8 – 75 min, Coach Slack reveals the NFA camp experience as he challenges QBs in their leadership, passion, and being thermostats in a thermometer world.

It covers all the disciplines of the QB position with specific emphasis on WHY each teaching point is important. Coach Slack focuses on the non-negotiable, fundamental biomechanics that are guaranteed to produce lasting improvement.

For coaches seeking a competitive training advantage, or parents seeking a better understanding of QB mechanics – The Self-Correct System is the answer to getting the edge!

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