FROM HEADSET TO HELMET: Coaching the R4 Expert System

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Accept the challenge to change your perspective! Coaching quarterbacks “with a headset” demands the QB see the game through your eyes. Coaching “through his helmet”—The R4 Expert System—gets the coach into the QB’s head. There are an infinite number of variables that exist in the pressure-packed position of quarterback decision-making. From coverage recognition to blitz awareness—from protection schemes to impaired pocket-vision to locating throws in hostile space; the stakes have never been higher for signal callers.

Like a powerful operating platform for a computer, Dub Maddox and Darin Slack have spent years perfecting
the R4 QB Expert System as a powerful quarterback communication tool for today’s offensive coach. Recognized by many as the most innovative solution for overly-complex passing game structures, this system is designed to streamline and structure any scheme it influences.

With easy-to-understand logic and simple common sense, Maddox and Slack penetrate the DNA of pass defense
with a surgical precision that radically changes your understanding of pass play design, simplifying quarterback decision-making structures, and reducing installation confusion. Reinforce your power to get quarterbacks to Self-Correct, Not Self-Destruct under pressure.

What if you could use a single 4-word process that would:
— guide every decision a quarterback makes for every pass play in your existing scheme?
— reduce the burden on pass protection?
— discipline quarterback footwork once and for all?
— increase the sense of urgency for every receiver in a route package?
— significantly reduce “if-thens” for every pass play?
— generate manageable “full field” quarterback reads post snap?

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