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Gaining a competitive edge can help you succeed in any endeavor.
Football is no different, and being prepared is more important than ever in a sport that has exploded in popularity while attracting better and better athletes.
Fortunately, National Football Academies is here to help.
Now in its 25th year, NFA is skilled at getting young football players at all levels ready for their upcoming seasons.
The three-day Off Season Development camps are currently in full swing across the country, and they run through early May.
After that, it’s time to really start focusing on the job ahead.
Starting in early June, two-day Pre-Season Prep camps kick off and make stops in 40 locations around the United States.
Will Hewlett, NFA’s Director of Player Development, stressed the importance of attending Pre-Season Prep camps.
“The Pre-Season Prep camps give our athletes one last shot to get fine-tuned for the season going in,” said Hewlett, who has trained more than 50 Division I quarterbacks the past several years, including Florida-bound Max Staver. “We feel like it’s really rewarding, even if it’s your first camp, third camp or your fifth camp.
“Its an opportunity to get in front of our staff again at a very high tempo, in a detail-oriented atmosphere. The kids are going to get a ton of reps and a lot of great instruction to follow up from their off-season training and then kick them off right into the fall camp.”
Once the football season begins, much of the time is spent on physical conditioning.
Attending NFA’s Pre-Season Prep camps gives players specific training so they are prepared from Day 1 of the season.
“The whole design is to get the kids prepped prior to the season,” Hewlett said. “On the first day of the Pre-Season camp, we make individual adjustments and tweak mechanics. The second day is really about combining the application and a competitive atmosphere where we can apply the finishing touches on each athlete’s development for that season. It’s one last shot to tune everything up. That’s really what we do on Day 2.
“We also utilize video analysis give every player that personal touch so they can walk away on a clear path for what they have to accomplish in the upcoming season.”
For quarterbacks, the game has become increasingly complex with all of the different offensive sets and reads.
Training with NFA over the summer removes much, if not all, of the guess work.
“When the season starts, the focus tends to move heavily towards conditioning and physical training, and football workouts are placed sporadically through that depending on what stage you’re at,” Hewlett said. “We really provide that skill. We’re going to make sure these kids understand the level of competition they’re going to face heading into the fall and we narrow down the specific areas they need to learn to be great at in their position.”
Once again, the NFA’s Duel of the Dozens is a summer highlight.
Quarterbacks must attend a Pre-Season Prep camp in order to qualify for the Duel, which will be held at historic Paul Brown Stadium at Massillon (Ohio) Washington High School.
“The Duel really provides an outlet for the kids to compete and test out all of the new skills they learned during the off season,” Hewlett said. “It also prepares them to perform under pressure. The Duel really works without playing the game because it teaches you all of the specific things you’re going to have to master to be a great quarterback on the field.”
NFA is also staging the Future All Americans Bowl in Florida next winter. Check back soon for dates and details.