QBA partners with one of the country’s most storied programs, Jenks High Trojans to provide the most complete quarterback and receiver training program available. Jenks’ long history of success parallels QBA’s 30 year track record of impacting quarterbacks and receivers dreams all over the world.

QBA captivates, educates, and inspires athletes to embrace their God-given calling to lead with confidence. To build this confidence, they must both be engaged at the pinnacle of their dream to play college football, while being supported at the level of their deepest need for improvement.  QBA’s leadership training helps quarterbacks manage fear, anxiety, confusion, and doubt while developing traction through common sense and clear motivations. We guide young men into becoming the quarterback that teammates and coaches will trust.

Oklahoma Quarterbacks that work in the QBA system are taught how to generate increased throwing power while still ensuring stable, efficient, and explosive movement through the F4 program.   QBA also teaches Quarterbacks the R4 passing system that enables a QB to make full field defensive coverage recognition and reads. R4 a simple yet incredibly powerful process that puts a QB in a position to make the right read on every play quicker than the defense can respond. R4 turns QBA Quarterbacks into accurate, fast decision makers that throw far less inceptions with far more touch downs!

Finally, we provide monitored, certified coach to player ratios that make our camps the most successful in the industry because every player that attends gets the individual attention and help they need and deserve. No other quarterback training can make that commitment or promise like QBA.

Please take a look below for news on upcoming quarterback training and QBA trained athletes from the Jenks Area.

NFA's Quarterback Academy Oklahoma Quarterback Events

2 Day PSP Immersion

June 2019


Registration Begins January 19th