Noah Coughran showed how good he was at the Duel, finishing in fourth place among incoming seventh graders.

The success at NFA’s showcase competition in Atlanta carried right over into his season.

“My goal at the Duel was to finish in the Top 10, so I was happy I made it into the Top 5,” Coughran said. “I know exactly the things I need to work on to, hopefully, win it all one day. It was awesome to compete against some of the top competition in the nation. Mostly, the reps and having the opportunity to practice over and over again made me feel more confident.”

The strong showing at the Duel helped him land the starting quarterback back job on Valley Christian Junior High’s eighth grade team in San Jose, Calif. “It meant a lot because it showed that the coaches and athletic department had faith in my abilities to lead an older team,” Coughran said. “It’s been neat to watch experienced and new players improve this year.”

In addition to playing for the VCJH Warriors, he also played for High Intensity SD and the High Intensity Cali Packers. “On my travel teams, I was happy to play against some of the top competition in the nation in the different skills positions,” Coughran said. “It challenged me, which also means it made me better.”

Coughran has been getting better and better in the five years he’s been playiong QB. “I really like the pressure,” he said. “I like to compete, and I like having the ball in my hands in critical moments. I think my strengths are accuracy, power and footwork. I’m working on having ‘tensegrity’ at all times. I also want to be more patient and get better throwing on the run when I’m running to the right.”

Training with NFA since 2015 has helped Coughran develop into one of the top young quarterbacks in the country. “NFA has helped me understand the position,” he said. “They’ve taught me how to train and how to tweak things. Most importantly, NFA has taught me the importance of game speed and work ethic, and how character always matters. That’s why my goals this season were making my teammates better by working hard, having high character and improving my QB skill set.”

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