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Minneapolis sits in the middle of a region of extremely talented Quarterbacks.  QBA has two National QB camps and regular small group quarterback training sessions in Minneapolis, Minnesota and surrounding areas to insure athletes are reaching their next level goals.  Though the QBA Quarterback Academy strives to develop highly capable quarterbacks both on and off the field in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and surrounding areas.

Off the field, QBA Quarterback Academy understands the need for a fully comprehensive program and not only partners with the QB but with his parents and/or coach to provide complete development throughout his career. QBA is uniquely skilled at helping young men take ownership of raising their own maturity through understanding what matters most, what matters least, and what will matter when they are done playing.  Quarterbacks embrace the QBA leadership and character messaging and set out on a self-motivated path to becoming a player that both their coaches and teammates can trust.  Quarterbacks become authentically confident and become purpose-driven servant leaders.

On the field QBA knows that residing in every quarterback in Minneapolis we train is the talent to deliver an accurate, powerful throw. Through an easy-to-understand common language based in sound bio-mechanical and kinesiological principles, the Quarterback Academy unlocks this potential in the QBs we develop.   QBA also trains all Quarterbacks in the R4 QB passing system.  R4 provides a QB with the vision tools and the context to not only understand but to anticipate “open” space that can be attacked within a defensive coverage.  R4 provides the critical mental framework so that a Quarterback can make the right defensive coverage recognition on every play and anticipate open space quicker than the defense can respond. QBA’s R4 trained quarterbacks simple throw far more touchdown with far more less interceptions.

And finally because of QBA robust coaching certification and investment to keep our promised high coach-to-player ratios in our quarterback camps and qb trainings, we’re able to provide more effectively coached reps than any other.

Please take a look below for news on upcoming quarterback training and QBA trained athletes from the Minneapolis Minnesota Area.

NFA's Quarterback Academy Minnesota Quarterback Events

3 Day Immersion OSD

April 24th – 26th, 2020
Minneapolis, MN


Registration Open. Events Fill Fast.

RB – N/A


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