Micah Gallegos plays for Basic Academy of International Studies in Henderson, Nev., but he is a far cry from ordinary on the football field.

Playing for the Wolves’ JV team as a sophomore this season, Gallegos offered an impressive preview of what’s to come with the varsity next year.

While guiding Basic’s junior varsity team to a 7-2 record, he passed for over 1,500 yards while frequently being pulled early due to lopsided scores.

Gallegos used his sturdy size – 6-foot-0, 210 pounds – to his advantage at QB. “It helps me because I can take hits and step into the pocket a lot easier than a taller, lighter quarterback,” he said. “Nobody is going to hurt me easily, and I’m pretty comfortable in the pocket. But the size can also can become a weakness if I don’t continue to work on my speed. I must be able to scramble and be able to run the football when needed.”

Gallegos also utilized his size on the defensive side of the football this season. “I played a lot of defensive end and had quite a few sacks and 1 interception,” he said. “The interception was on an under screen that I recognized and dropped instead of blitzed. I was able to pick it off and it was one of my favorite plays of the season.”

Making plays on defense and playing other positions on offense were commonplace for Gallegos when he was a younger player. That changed during his fifth grade season.

“That’s when I started playing quarterback,” Gallegos said. “I only started playing QB because our youth team desperately needed someone to step up and take on the role. Our starting quarterback had just moved up and we were stuck. I’ve always felt like I’d do anything to help the team and at the time, that was the need. I’ve been in love with the position ever since.”

It didn’t take him long to become comfortable at QB. “My favorite thing about the position is everything starts with you,” Gallegos said. “You have to know the plays, you have to lead, you have to know the cadence and most importantly, you have to show that you have confidence to get the job done. When the QB is confident and works his butt off your teammates will do the same, especially the line.”
Before the season, Gallegos received a Duel invitation at an NFA camp in Laguna Beach, Calif. He finished second among incoming sophomores at the showcase competition.

“The Duel was an amazing experience for me,” Gallegos said. “I have never been to anything like it. Even though I’ve played in the International Bowl as a defensive back and have gone to Top Gun several times at QB, nothing was ever like the Duel. It was by far the toughest competition and biggest learning experience I’ve ever had. I brought back so much and was immediately able to transfer everything I learned to my team.”

Gallegos has thoroughly enjoyed the two years he’s been training with NFA. “I wish I would have been working with NFA a lot longer,” he said. “I could clearly see the difference in my mechanics and it’s given me a huge advantage. I look forward to continuing to training and learning with NFA.”

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