Jadon Claps was one of a very few freshmen to play varsity football for Glacier Peak High School this year.

A powerhouse program located in Snohomish, Wash., the Grizzlies went 8-2 this season and were one of the top teams in the state.

Claps is an up-and-coming quarterback, but that’s not the position he played at Glacier Peak. With standout senior Ayden Ziomas under center, the Grizzlies plugged Claps in at safety.

In his first varsity game, the athletic Claps was named one of the top three defensive players. “I was happy I got to start at safety on varsity,” he said. “I was honored my coaches saw I could compete and produce at that level.”

Down the road, Claps is postioned to step in as Glacier Peak’s starting quarterback. He was the backup this season, and he was also the starting QB for the Grizzlies’ freshman team before joining the varsity.

“I was happy that I got my freshman team on track to an undefeated season (9-0) before I left for the varsity,” Claps said. “And I’m happy that we made the playoffs for the varsity.”

A left-hander, Claps accounted for 21 touchdowns in the 12 quarters he spent quarterbacking Glacier Peak’s freshman team. “My strengths as a QB are I’m athletic, I’m quick and can scramble,” he said. “I’m a leader to my teammates and I’m a good team player. I’m competitive. I study film and the playbook a lot so I know what I’m doing.”

Before his sophomore season at Glacier Peak, Claps is going to work hard to sharpen his already considerable skills. “I’m working on improving my ability to read defenses quicker and keeping my upper body level when I’m throwing,” he said. “I study my R4 book and plan to ask my coach if I could work with him in the off-season studying film.”

While he’s already shown the ability to be a strong defensive player, Claps has been playing quarterback for six years and really enjoys being on the offensive side of the ball. “I like to be the one to lead my team into battle,” he said. “I always watch the quarterback when watching the NFL and college football.”

Training with NFA since April of 2017 has helped make Claps an even better quarterback. “I’m more aware of my mechanics now,” he said. “I can now self-correct myself. Training with NFA has opened my eyes to see the little things when I watch quarterbacks throw. I can figure out defensive coverages and I’m aware of the hard deck and receivers being capped.”

Before the season, Claps placed third among incoming freshmen at the Duel. “Being my first Duel and not knowing what to expect, I wanted to at least make the Top 10,” he said. “Making the Top 3 exceeded my expectations and was a big confidence booster heading into my high school season.”

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