Playing quarterback for the Jay M. Robinson Middle School Chargers last year, Jack Curtis sprained his shoulder in the first game and missed the rest of the eighth grade season.

He tried to make the best of a tough situation, not that it was easy. “Watching my team play and watching the guys I compete with, it was hard for me,” Curtis said. “I was really anxious to gert back. I was in the weight room a week after middle school ended and I was able to jump back in and put the pads on in early July.”

Despite the long layoff, it was back to business as usual for the talented young QB. As a freshman at Ardrey Kell High School in Charlotte, N.C., Curtis played for the junior varsity team and dressed with the varsity in the playoffs.

“We shared reps throughout practice before the season started and then I was able to beat out a sophomore in the first couple of weeks to win the second-string job with the JV,” he said. “I played in four or five of the 11 games we played and I was very happy with how I played. As a team, we struggled a little bit in the beginning but toward the end of the season we really clutched up. It was great, the JV and varsity both won their conferences.”

Heading into his sophomore season with the Knights, Curtis is positioned to be the starting quarterback for the JV team. He already has his sights higher than that.

“My goal as a sophomore is to start for the JV and put on at least 10 pounds during the off-season,” Curtis said. “I also want to fight for the starting job with the varsity.”

Once again showing he has the talent to reach any goal he sets, Curtis competed in the Duel before the season after qualifying at the Charlotte OSD (link to Charlotte). Jack finished second in NFA’s annual quarterback competition. It was the third time he has finished second at the showcase event.

“I was very proud with how I competed at the Duel,” Curtis said. “During the preliminary, I missed one throw and I was kind of kicking myself about it. But I finished well in the final gauntlet and just missed finishing first. I thought I did very well.”

The well-rounded QB is entering his sixth year with NFA. “Training with NFA, it gets more and more advanced as you go through it and I can understand more as I go along,” Curtis said. “I’m reading ‘From Headset to Helmet’ (written by NFA coaches Dub Maddox and Darin Slack – link to Darin and Dub) right now. More and more of it makes sense to me as I gain more experience at quarterback at higher levels and can actually put it into context.”

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