Heading into the season as the backup quarterback at Valley/Old Lyme High School in Deep River, Conn., Jack Cox was always ready for the call to take the field. “I had no doubt,” he said.

With senior QB Ryan Santos battling injuries for much of the year, Cox got plenty of opportunities to play for the Warriors, and he made the most of them.

A sophomore, Cox played in all nine of Valley/Old Lyme’s games and completed 36 of 68 passes for 581 yards and 3 touchdowns. “I’m pretty satisfied,” he said. “It could have been better, but I’ve got two more years to play and I’m looking forward to making the most of that time.”

As he prepares for his junior year with the Warriors, Cox can look back fondly at one highlight from his sophomore season. Replacing Santos in a game against Rockville, Valley/Old Lyme was trailing 28-27 with just under a minute to play.

Escaping intense defensive pressure, he hooked up with Jae’len Arnum for a 25-yard pass completion that put the ball on the one-yard line. Arnum ran in from there to give the Warriors a 33-28 win.

How well did Cox handle himself as a sophomore quarterback on a Valley/Old Lyme team that went 7-2? Not only is he No. 1 on the depth chart at QB for 2019, he has been named a team captain.

“That’s pretty great,” Cox said. “And going into next season, it’s my position to lose. It’s a good team and it’s a good program, we usually win a lot of games. I want to have a pretty good year as a junior and hopefully make All Conference at quarterback.”

Gaining quality experience as a sophomore should help make that goal a reality. “It’s definitely going to help me a lot,” Cox said. “I made a lot of mistakes this season, but having gone through it now will definitely help me. My coaches learned a lot about me and what I can do and what I need to work on during the off-season and moving forward.”

Working with NFA the last five years has helped Cox move forward in impressive fashion. “My first time training with NFA, they did a great job fixing my mechanics,” he said. “I was able to throw a spiral with more velocity. I’ve kept coming back and I’ve been keeping my mechanics sound. They’ve given me a lot of great information.”

Last year, Cox earned his first Duel invitation at an NFA immersion camp in Boston. He tied for fifth place among incoming sophomores.

“Going into the Duel for the first time, I wanted to see what other quarterbacks around the country were like and just have the opportunity to compete,” Cox said. “I wanted to see how I stacked up against those other guys. I was pretty happy tying for fifth, but I definitely could have done better. I don’t think I played up to my full potential, but I played pretty well and I’m happy with the way everything turned out.”

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