In Texas, the Lake Travis school system has produced a long list of top-flight quarterbacks, including 2017 Heisman Trophy winner and No. 1 overall draft pick Baker Mayfield, Garrett Gilbert, Charlie Brewer, Michael Brewer and Matthew Baldwin.

Is Braeden Hatfield destined to join the standout group of QBs? All early indications indicate a rousing “Yes.”

In July, the seventh grader won the Duel after receiving his invite at NFA’s three-day off-season immersion camp in San Antonio. (link to San Antonio Texas)

“I am very proud and excited about my success at the Duel,” Hatfield said. “It showed all of the hard work I put in over the last year to become Duel champion paid off. I also feel my success in the Duel helped prepare me for the next level of competition. In sixth grade, I played for a much smaller school system but moved to a very large and competitive school system for my seventh grade year. By participating and succeeding in the Duel, it showed me I could hang with anybody as a QB and it gave me the confidence to earn the seventh grade A-Team starting job in a school system known for producing great quarterbacks.”

With Hatfield under center, the Lake Travis Knights went 2-4-1. He passed for 600 yards and 4 touchdowns and also rushed for a whopping 1,100 yards and 7 TDs.

“Going into the season, the goals were winning district and helping my team any way I could,” Hatfield said. “I’m really happy about keeping the team going in the face of adversity and injuries, and the thing I was most happy about as a team was finishing the year strong after a very shaky start.”
As he works his way to the high school level, Hatfield will continue to lean on his athleticism, power, accuracy and arm strength. “Where I’m looking to improve as a QB is being able to recognize what the defense is running and take advantage of that recognition,” he said.

Hatfield has been playing QB for three years. “I like the challenge of the position and being in control of what happens on the field,” he said.

Training with NFA for the past four years has helped Hatfield develop into a promising young quarterback. “Without NFA, I probably wouldn’t be a quarterback,” he said. “NFA has helped me most by teaching me all aspects of the mechanics of throwing and given me the tools to help correct my errors when they occur.”

While he’s a rising star on the football field, Hatfield also has great success in the classroom. “Being an Honor Roll student helps me on the field by teaching me discipline and giving me the mental confidence to play quarterback,” he said.