When you put the work in, good things usually happen. JeKobe Coleman is a prime example.

Getting after it on the football field and in the classroom is paying off big for the sophomore honor student, who is the starting quarterback at Fayette County High School in Fayetteville, Ga.

“I’m just trying to keep it up,” said the humble 15-year-old. “And I want to do even better.”

That’s setting a pretty high bar, considering the success Coleman enjoyed this season, his first with the Tigers’ varsity team.

Heading into the summer camp, Fayette County H.S. had a returning senior and junior competing for the starting QB job. Coleman quickly zipped up the depth chart, and the 6-foot, 160-pounder passed for nearly 800 yards and 7 touchdowns in his first 9 games.

“Heading into the season, we were all competing and I had to win the job,” Coleman said. “I was humble but I was confident because I know what type of work I put in.”

In addition to training with QBA, Coleman put in more time trying to improve his game. “I trained four or five days a week, working on my craft.”

Starting at the varsity level as a sophomore is difficult. Playing quarterback is even more challenging, but Coleman has handled himself very well.

“The speed of the game is faster, so that’s been the biggest adjustment,” he said. “My job is to provide leadership and make sure my team stays level-headed. Playing quarterback, you have to be able to be the thermostat of the team.”

NFA is well known for teaching QBs to keep the temperature at “68 and breezy,” and Coleman has learned that lesson very well. Training with QBA has also aided his rapid development.

“NFA has helped me a lot, especially learning to read the defense quicker,” Coleman said.

Qualifying for his first Duel at a camp in Atlanta, Coleman placed fourth among incoming sophomores at NFA’s showcase competition in July. “I really went in just wanting to have fun and learn some new things,” he said. “I was happy finishing fourth, but there were a couple of throws I felt like I could have done better and earned more points. But I feel like it was a good experience.”

Coleman has earned Offensive Player of the Week honors from Elite Georgia Recruits and he was voted Student Athlete of the Week. He’s also received an invitation to play in the All-American Bowl in New Orleans.

“It means a lot to be rewarded like that with all of the work that I’ve put in,” Coleman said. “I just have to continue to keep on working.”