Lining up against teams with older players didn’t stop Greyson Stevens from setting his sights high this season.

“The goal this year was to make playoffs,” he said. “I am very happy with how well we are doing playing against older boys.”

Playing for the Lightning Grid Kids in Yakima, Wash., Stevens helped his team get off to a 3-2 start, making them playoff eligible. “I am very happy with how well we are doing playing as a team,” he said. “I am also very proud of my improvements, not just as a quarterback but also on defense.”

Stevens plays cornerback and is also a kicker for the Lightning. But quarterback is his favorite position on the football field.

“I love being the quarterback because I am in control of the game,” Stevens said. “I can throw or run because I am very fast.”

A fifth grader at St. Joseph Marquette, he has been playing QB since the age of 7. “My strengths as a quarterback are my accuracy and decision making,” Stevens said. “I am working to improve on getting the ball out faster and improve the distance I throw and release time.”

He has made impressvie strides since first stepping under center, and all of the hard work and talent was on display at the Duel in July. Stevens finished fourth among incoming fourth/fifth graders at NFA’s showcase competition.

“I was very happy that I placed in the Duel,” he said. “It was very exciting to hear my name called, and it let me know I can compete with boys from all over the nation. I definitely felt very confident going into this football season after competing in the Duel.”

Stevens qualified for the Duel in Seattle, and he has been training with NFA for a year. “I feel more confident as a quarterback because of the NFA and all of the instruction I have received,” he said. “I am excited to continue my training with NFA and Coach (JC) Boice.”

In addition to being a rising football talent. Stevens also excels at basketball and baseball. He is an Honor roll student in the classroom.

“School helps me on the field because I know that I have to put the work and time into my studies, just the same as I have to put the work and time into my sport,” he said.

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