Get Better, Faster. That’s NFA’s Self-correction promise. We not only teach men to throw well at camp, but our “Self-correct” system helps them sustain their improvement.

Residing in every young quarterback we train is the talent to deliver an accurate, powerful throw. Through an easy-to-understand common language based in sound bio-mechanical and kinesiological principles, NFA unlocks that skill.

We know that every young quarterback that attends is passionate about throwing better, and NFA is unmatched in its ability to use mechanics teaching, video analysis, and low coach-player ratios to produce a measurable difference in arm power, accuracy, and consistency.

There are so many different opinions about how to throw a football, but NFA’s “magic” is in their ability to much farther by not only addressing the how, but also the Why? Where? When? and What? of mechanics. Here’s a quote from a parent that says it best:

“No one breaks down the mechanics of throwing the football like NFA. Others will try, but it gets confusing really fast. But with NFA, the more you hear, the more sense it makes and the simpler it gets.”

The key to a QB’s confidence is in the mastery of throwing the football. NFA exceeds all expectations in delivering this critical component to quarterback improvement in ways that help young men achieve opportunities they only dreamed of before.

Build out Strong Mechanics  and pound home the  “measurable difference” we provide quarterbacks … add some of the video of Testimonials we have on parents talking about how good our Mechanics breakdown we do and the Video Evaluations.