One of the main ways NFA keeps its promise to deliver a life-changing experience at every camp is through our coach certification program.

This coach-vetting and coach development approach is unprecedented in the industry of quarterback coaching. While every other coach is seeking to build their own name and brand, NFA is the only quarterback training program serving other coaches in developing their knowledge and skill at coaching the quarterback position. This servant leadership approach to the industry, separates them from every other program. This philosophy makes NFA able to provide a camp experience where every coach is speaking the same language, providing consistent correction, and reducing player confusion. One parent said it this way:

“With NFA’s certified coaches in every drill, my son hears the one voice speaking to him for the entire camp, even though he is being addressed by up to 10 different men.”

This dynamically focused coaching development approach, built on the strength of the NFA “Self-correct” coaching system, provides assurance to every camper’s parent and coach of NFA’s sustainable training quality in every location, at every moment, in every drill.

No other camp program comes close to NFA’s ability to provide consistent, reliable, and caring coaches who will invest in every player regardless of their level of present skill.