NFA captivates, educates, and inspires athletes to servant leadership. Servant leadership isn’t just discussed at our camps, it’s modeled by our staff and coaches.

We believe that for young men to embrace their God-given calling to lead others through serving, they must be immersed in an environment that is focused on building their highest need – confidence. To build this confidence, they must both be engaged at the pinnacle of their dream to play college football, while being supported at the level of their deepest need for improvement.

NFA’s leadership messaging respectfully addresses the dreams while positioning the critical infrastructure and teaching systems to improve quickly. There is motivating a young man to embrace his dream through hype and spirited talks, but NFA goes deeper than all the others by helping a young men understand why he believes its worth it to pursue his dream wholeheartedly.

Many young men fall very short of their goal, not because they don’t have a big dream, but because the leadership/character training they are receiving isn’t sufficient to secure their “buy-in” necessary to pay the price. NFA is uniquely skilled at helping young men take ownership of their next step to maturity through understanding what matters most, what matters least, and what will matter when they are done playing.

Here is common quote we get from parents after just our opening talk:

“We came for the excellent training we heard about, but after this opening talk we could leave right now without ever going on the field and we would have gotten our money’s worth.”

We’re confident there are no other camps you will attend where the entire value of the camp fee is received in the first hour without ever throwing or catching a ball! That’s the proven power of NFA’s leadership message.