NFA – WRA Receiver Academy. Make a play!

With today’s explosive offensive systems and passing games, elite receiver play has become paramount in football. NFA’s WRA Receiver Academy training sessions and camps prepare athletes in all aspects of receiver play.  WRA Receiver Academy curriculum is based on the E4 system; Exit, Explode, Extend and Engage.  It is a total package and one of the premier positions on the offense.  Whether an entry level or elite athlete, players can expect precise teaching and improved receiver skills. Receiver training and camps include work on all of the following:

  • Stance and Starts
  • Footwork for precise route running.
  • Ball Skills and catching drills to more consistently make pressure catches.
  • Understanding the DNA of Routes and how to run more precise routes
  • Ball security and YAC (yards after catch)
  • Man and off coverage releases
  • Understanding space and Stemming Inside and outside leverage to create separation from defenders
  • Blocking
  • Defensive coverage recognition
  • Live routes with Quarterbacks
  • Competitions
  • Video evaluation that includes release, movement strategy and catching technique

Work With WRA Certified Coaches

You will work directly with highly trained, Certified Coaches to accelerate and ensure your readiness.  Every WRA Coach is fiercely committed to your growth and success to deliver a life-changing experience.

Total training with NFA’s WRA Receiver Academy delivers clear, measurable results to build confidence and maximize performance.

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