When he looks back on the season, Ethan Fritz is going to have multiple reasons to be proud.
In July, the quarterback from Brunswick, Ohio, finished in first place at the Duel, NFA’s showcase competition in Atlanta.

“Winning the Duel, it reassured me how much my hard work has paid off and gave me the desire to keep going,” Fritz said. “I am confident in the abilities I have been acquiring through hard work with this accomplishment, and I appreciate the help I’ve gotten from my parents, teammates and coaches.”

After coming out on top among incoming freshmen at the Duel, Fritz quarterbacked the Brunswick High School frosh football team to a 7-3 record.

“I am really proud with how much we improved as a team and built chemistry together,” he said. “As an individual, I am happy with how much better I have gotten going through my progressions and how much better my footwork has gotten.”

While guiding the Blue Devils to a winning record, Fritz showed impressive precision while completing 71 of 93 passes (76 percent) for 1,301 yards and 15 touchdowns. The numbers would have been even better, but he was lifted early in seven games after Brunswick built lopsided leads.

Fritz also put up stellar stats on the ground, rushing for 642 yards and 9 TDs.

It was a great season in every aspect, not that the rising QB is completely satisfied. “I’m working to improve my footwork, my skills on reading defenses, my mechanics, my pocket presence, and my overall skill of being a team leader,” Fritz said.

In the seven years he has been playing quarterback, Fritz has made steady improvement in all phases of his game. “I think I’ve gotten better and better keeping my composure under pressure,” he said. “I have the ability to process information quickly, and I typically make good decisions on the field. There are times I try to do too much in tough situations, but I’m realizing there will be another down.”

Training with NFA since he was in the fourth grade helped Fritz develop into a top caliber QB. “NFA has helped me with my mechanics,” said Fritz, who received his Duel invitation at an NFA camp in Indianapolis. “Using NFA’s R4 system has helped me read defenses, and NFA has really helped me understand how much you have to go through as a leader. Two of the things I really like about playing quarterback are being in the position to lead and having the ability to impact the game.”

As good as he is on the football field, Fritz is equally adept in the classroom. He has a 3.88 GPA while taking honors classes.

“School helps me realize the importance of following details,” Fritz said. “The multi-tasking that I have to do on a daily basis throughout school also helps me as well. School provides me with multiple life skills such as discipline, personal responsibility, and the necessity of good decision making.”

Twitter: Ethan Fritz @EthanFritz13
Hudl: Ethan Fritz (Brunswick, Ohio)