Colby Moore heading to Kansas State

Colby Moore is heading to the next level, and he’s going to be very well prepared. The day after the senior quarterback graduates from Liberty Christian High School in Argyle, Texas, Moore is going to pack up and head to Kansas State University.

“I verbally committed back during the season and I am going to start as a preferred walk-on,” Moore said. “They are taking me as an athlete. It’s kind of funny because I’ve spent a lot of time with NFA and just working my tail off at quarterback and that’s what has helped make me a better athlete. The coaches up there said it’s basically going to be a tryout, they’re going to see where I’ll fit. I’m really excited about the opportunity.”

Moore has been playing quarterback since he was in second grade, and he is very much at home under center or standing in the shotgun. He’s also highly skilled at the position, as his numbers this past season (2,372 passing yards, 25 touchdowns, 1,343 rushing yards, 15 TDs) indicate.

“At quarterback, I just always enjoyed being able to call a play in the huddle and you know that everybody’s looking at you because you’re the one telling them the play,” said Moore, a 6-foot-1, 200-pounder. “You have the opportunity to show your skill off on any play and your job on that field is just to get first downs and move the chains. Get the ball to the playmakers. Quarterback is one of those positions where sometimes it’s really good and sometimes it’s not so good. You just have to keep your head clear and don’t listen to everything else.”

While he hopes to continue playing QB at Kansas State, which beat Michigan 31-14 this year in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl, Moore is heading to college with an open mind. “I can play anywhere,” he said. “It’s just one of those things where God’s given me the ability to be really fast and I think that’s going to help keep me on the field, wherever it is. I just have to work at it and become the best at it.”

Blazing speed

Going to a big-time program has long been a dream for Moore, who runs an eye-opening 4.39 in the 40-yard dash. “It’s always been on my mind,” he said. “I remember sitting down with my dad (Mike) in seventh grade; I really knew that I wanted to keep on playing in college. That was my goal. My dad said he was going to do whatever he could to get me there, keep me on the track, and that summer we ended up going to an NFA camp and that’s when it started clicking. We knew they were the right group for everything.”

Moore started going to NFA camps six years ago, and his game went to another level. “I spent most of the time with Dub Maddox since he was pretty close to me up in Oklahoma,” Moore said. “I’d go up there once a month, once every two months. We’d kind of fine-tune things and I’d just keep working when I got home. I’d spend an hour a night with my dad, throwing, footwork, just trying to fine-tune things as much as I could.”

Maddox, a Master Coach with NFA, has relished the time he’s spent working with Moore. “I have trained Colby for the last four years,” Maddox said. “I have never coached a kid that was more disciplined and determined to master the mechanics of QB than Colby. If something needed to be fixed or improved, he worked on it relentlessly until it was perfected. Colby has the unique competitive nature and toughness that is seen in great football players. He physical ability combined with his intelligence and mental toughness is going to carry him far in college and in life.”

J.C. Boice, NFA’s Director of Operations, has also worked with Moore. “I met Colby at a summer camp in Texas when he was a seventh grader,” Boice said. “I remember very clearly noticing a smiling kid that just seemed really happy to be at our camp … like he was enjoying it more than anyone else in Texas football. Looking back, I realize now that was just his intense passion for football spilling out. The kid just really loves the game and loves the work that goes with it.”

Moore doesn’t think he’d be heading to a major program like Kansas State without NFA’s help. “They’ve helped me on two levels – the physical part of the game and the mental part of the game,” he said. “The mental part is huge, just going to the camp and hearing (NFA Founder/President) Darin (Slack) talk an hour before camp and it really started clicking. There’s more than just playing the game of football and being good. There is the leadership behind it, your job, the accomplishments that you can have without making it all about you. The physical part, I don’t know of any other quarterback group that fine-tunes as much as NFA does.”

Mentally and physically, Moore is looking forward to arriving at Kansas State and getting after it, regardless of the position. “My goal is just getting on the field as fast as I can,” he said. “I’m going to work at it and whatever position they tell me to play, I’m going to bust my butt off so I can get on the field.”

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