Cash O’Callaghan’s remarkable success as a young quarterback is not an accident.

“It shows that my hard work is paying off,” he said. “It proved that the hours of training I put in throughout the year, in-season and off-season, my passion for the sport, my focus on nutrition, the time I spend watching and breaking down video, all helped me to get to where I am today.”

Here’s where O’Callaghan is at. Through the first 8 games of the season, he’s guided the Petaluma (Calif.) Panthers to a 5-3 record. There is one game left in the regular season before the playoffs begin.

“Going into the season, the goals were to lead my team to the playoffs and win the league championship,” he said. “We have a solid group of returning players and several strong receivers, which makes us hard for defenses to stop.”

O’Callaghan has been extremely difficult to stop at quarterback. He completed 119 of 176 attempts passes for 1,621 yards and 17 touchdowns in the Panthers’ first 8 games.

“I am happy with my performance passing as well as rushing,” O’Callaghan said. “I also feel that my mechanics have improved and that I have grown as a leader.”

The team success should come as no suprise. Last year, O’Callaghan played on a team that went 8-3 during the regular season and 10-4 through the playoffs before earning a bid to compete in the inaugural Pro Football Hall of Fame National Youth Championships in Canton, Ohio. The team won 2 of 3 games in the regional tournament to take first place in an 11-state region and went on to finish third in the country.

O’Callaghan has been playing football for five years, all of them at quarterback. He’s also played safety, defensive end and special teams, but QB is his go-to position. “I really like the opportunity to run the whole offense and the need to understand what every player on the field is doing, or should be doing, at any given time,” O’Callaghan said.

Before the season started, he placed fourth among incoming sixth graders at the Duel. “Knowing that not only could I compete, but take fourth place among the top QBs in the nation, was a huge confidence booster,” said O’Callaghan, who received his Duel invitation at an NFA camp in Pleasanton, Calif.
O’Callaghan has been training with NFA since 2015.

“Training with NFA has improved my mechanics, taught me how to better read and respond to a defense and helped me to become a better leader,” he said. “Learning and applying the R4 offensive system into my passing game has helped me tremendously.”

As successful as he is on the football field, O’Callaghan is also an Honor Roll student at Sonoma Mountain Elementary. “Doing well in school teaches me focus, discipline and time management,” he said.

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