The NFA Quarterback Academy is celebrating our 30th year of building NFL, NCAA, High School and Youth QBs and we are highly regarded as the premier Quarterback development company in the US. We take a fully comprehensive approach in providing total QB solutions through a full immersion experience.

Limited Enrollment to Ensure Personal Interaction & Maximum Reps

QBs work in a small group setting for detailed, personal instruction on every repetition from our QBA Certified Coaches. Quality teaching from our National Recognized QBA Staff in a High Coach to Player Ration ensures you will get the attention you need.

Combination Classroom and On-Field Instruction.

Classroom Clinics for improved Football Acumen and Powerful QB-Specific Teaching. Sessions will include online support material for ongoing development and recruiting information.

Detailed Scientifically Based Video Analysis of QB Movements!

Quarterbacks have their throwing motion scientifically analyzed and assessed, followed up with a personal regimen of QB drills to improve their throwing mechanics for maximized explosive arm power and accuracy.

Throw with more Power and Consistent Accuracy.

Learn how to apply proper bio-mechanics and kinetic sequencing to unlock your full athletic potential for improved power, ball speed, and control to put the ball on target!

Advanced QB Training in the F4 Explosive Movement System.

Learn cutting-edge movement strategies to generate explosive mobility both within and outside of the pocket. Learn how to extend plays with improved athletic burst and balance! Add significant power to your throw you did not realize was possible.

R4 QB Passing System Sessions.

Apply R4 Vision Tools to more clearly see the defense. Be more confident! Use R4 to assess and then attack your opponent. Read coverage better! Use R4 to improve Performing and Decision Making while under pressure!

C4 Leadership Training

Quarterbacks are equipped with emotion management tools to better process pressure situations. Quarterbacks are also provided powerful inspiration to define their purpose as a leader and to ultimately move forward in being a man that their players and coaches trust.

Straight Talk Recruiting Seminar.

Athletes learn how the recruiting process really works and how to develop a personal strategy for getting recruited. This seminar is also includes an introduction to performance training and proper nutrition. These sessions are age appropriate and explains what each prospect level should focus on.